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I Am All Yours.
My Eyes Are To Stare You.
My Heart Is To Beat For You.
My Mouth Is To Talk To You.
My Arms Are To Hold You Tight.
My Ears Are To Hear Your Sweet Voice.
My Legs Are To Go For A Walk With You.
My Shoulders Are To Put Your Head On… When
You Need To.
My Everything Is Only Yours Baby.
I Am Only Yours..Forever..!!

hm ne tere shehr se manga nahi tume
Hm ne tere shehr ko veraan nahi kia

The most useful asset
of a person is not a head
full of knowledge
but a heart full of love,
with ears open to listen,
and hands willing to help…

tum pe khatm saari chahat hogi
phir na kisi pe ye inayat hogi
kuch is tarah se karenge yaad tum ko
na tumko shikwa hoga na zamane ko sikayat

Falling In Love Is Like Jumping Off A
Your Brain Says
Don’t Do It! You Will Die!
But Your Heart Says
Don’t Worry, I Can Fly !

A day can be gud wth out nythg
bt my life cnt be wth out u

Your love is unique and special,
When you follow only your heart but
not reasons,
not rules,
not what others saying,
not even your own mind !!!!

Life Depends On Love, Love Depends On
Trust, Trust Depends On Heart, Heart
Depends On Only You . . . .

be waj chor dia sub ko

jub koi apna samajta ni tho osy apne yad
dila ker kia fayda ?

Your luv is unique & special,
When u follow only your heart but
no reasons,
no rules,
no what others saying,
not even your own mind !!!!

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