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FriendShip Sms

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If we are alone for the punishment,

we feel very shy and uncomfortable
but …..
If we are in a group for punishment,

we feel very proud..

that’s the true friendship.

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One Day A Crab Was Running.
On The Sea Shore

The Waves Came And Cleared
D Footprints Of D Crab …

Crab Asked : Being My Friend
Why Are You Clearing My Beautiful
Footprints … ?

Waves Replied : A Fisherman Was Following
Your Footprints To Catch You!
That’s Why I Cleared It Off … 🙂

Means Caring Beyond
I.M.A.G.I.N.A.T.I.O.N.” ♥ ♥ ♥

Eppie Friendship Day All ^_-

Have A Oo/Ing Sunday

[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]Friendship is the heaviest coin
in the international bank of love!
with your friendship,
I am the richest person on earth!
So keep me rich forever.[/ttshare] [hr][ttshare]

So many fights for thodi si pepsi
So many friends on one bench
So many phone calls on birthday night !
So many hugs for one lil worry
So many hands in one chips pack
So many laughter for one stupid joke

Cheers to Friendship

[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]A real friend is hard to find,
difficult to leave,
and impossible to forget[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]Relationship between two person is like
the relationship between the hand and the
If the hand gets hurt, the eye cries,
if the eye cries the hand wipes its
tears..!![/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]PlZzzzz
pray 4 me
My Condition is serious.
I am Getting Day by day
More Beautiful
More Good Looking
More Cute!
Dua Kro menu nazar na Lge:-)[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]Don’t love a friend who hurts u.
Don’t hurt a friend who loves u,
Sacrifice everything for your friend.
But don’t sacrifice a friend for anything.[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]LISTEN and SILENT
are Two WordX With Same AlphbetX
They Are Very Important For FREINDSHIP
Because Only A True Friend
When You Are SILENT[/ttshare] [hr] [ttshare]Friend is one who tolerates ur worst MOOD,
Manages to smile on ur idiotic JOKE,
Tries to understand ur craziest DREAM,
And helps to deal wid ur PROBLEMS..[/ttshare]

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